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County Show Calendar

County Level
(See individual show requirements for more details)


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January 1st - New Years Show (Show-jumping)

February 14th - Valentines Show (Show-jumping)

March 3-5th - Spring Classic (3 Day Event)

March 19th - Mother's Day Show (Mare only show-jumping)

April 28-30th - April Shower (3 Day Event)

May 1st - May Day (Show-jumping)

June 2-4th - Summer Sizzler (3 Day Event)

June 18th - Father's Day Show
(Stallion/gelding only show-jumping)

July 1st - Youngster Special (in-hand showing)

July 12-14th - Birthday Bash (Show-jumping & 3 Day Event)

August 18-20th - Holiday Happiness (3 Day Event)

September 1-3rd - Back to School (3 Day Event)

September 4th - Back Two School (Dressage)

October 31st - Halloween Show (Show-jumping)

November 3-5th (3 Day Event)

December 20-22nd (Seperate and combined eventing)

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