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Q1) Where can I bred my horses?
A1) Go to the 'Breeding' page under the members section and fill out the form there.

Q2) Where can I see the members list?
A2) On the 'Member List' on the members section.

Q3) I've been told I have horses in my background, how do I get them?
A3) Visit the 'Horse Registry' under the members section and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You can make up all the information for your horse(s).

Q4) I want to buy a horse, how do I do that?
A4) Under the members section, you click on 'High Street' then click either 'EqueSim Classifieds' or 'Splashing Streams Auction'.

Q5) How do I buy things for my horse or visit the vet/farrier?
A5) On the members section click on 'High Street' and find the appropriate shop.

Q6) How do I train my horse?
A6) You have to employ a professional trainer that you can hire from 'Staff For Your Stable' on the High Street.

Q7) What can I do to make money without selling my horses?
A7) You can start a business such as shop, vet or farrier; provide a service at your stable or rent your horses out for breeding.

Q8) Why do I have to make a webpage to join?
A8) Making a webpage means you have a place to store all your information such as horses, equipment, land etc; making this information accessible to everyone.

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Disclaimer: None of the content on this page, or any pages linked to this page, is real. Everything is part of a SIM horse game called EqueSim. No copyright infringement is intended. If you see something of yours on this and would like it taken down or credited, please e-mail me.