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Public Breeding

Here is the list of stallions available for public breeding:
* Milestone, thoroughbred, 200
* Champion, New Forest, 150
* Sacred Northern Waterfall, thoroughbred, 170
* Broken Emerald, Irish Sports Horse, 315
* Apple Of Your Eye, Friesian, 185
* Standing Bolder, Budyonny, 165
* Bugs Bunny, Friesian, 250

Here is the list of mares available for public breeding:
* Fighter Pilot, Dutch warmblood, 370
* Obligation To Win, Belgian warmblood, 390
* Golden Globe, thoroughbred, 390
* Wicked Memory, thoroughbred, 570
* Goddess Of The Moon, thoroughbred, 450
* Angel's Glory, Thoroughbred, 450
* All My Heart, New Forest X Budyenny, 300
* Holly, New Forest, 480

Name of horse:

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