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How To Play

EqueSim is different to many other games you may have played, so here are some guidelines and tips on how to play.

1. Once you have decided to join, click on Join on the Non-Members page.

2. Upon joining, you will be given a character name and background. For example, "Bob Smith - his aunt has recently died and he has inherited £400,000." This means you start the game with £400,000. The background may give you money, buildings, objects, horses, staff, or a combination.

3. You will need to have made a stable page containing the contents of your stable (whatever you were given in your background).

4. Other things you may include on your page are your horses, your equipment, personal reminders on the game and services you offer.

5. You may only own as many horses as your stables/land can accommodate, the same goes for staff - you can't have a full time groom without having a place for them to sleep.

6. To train or ride a horse, you must go to the training section of the message board and write what you do with him/her. Although this does not earn you points, it increases your chances in shows. Also, it is the only you can trian your horse in a new discipline.

7. When you compete your horses have to have the minimum number of points the class requires. This means you must start from low level shows and in novice classes. Over time, you can enter higher classes and more advanced shows.

8. As well as competing, you can breed your horses - mares can breed every month and stallions once a day.

9. Any stallion over the age of 2 and any mare over the age of 3 can breed. Foals recieve 50% of their parents total points at the time of breeding.

10. All horses age once per season - spring/1st March, summer/1st June, autumnn/1st September and winter/1st December.

11. You must buy the correct equipment for your horse, e.g. all horses need 1 bridle/saddle etc each, and you may decide to use artificial aids, such as spurs, martingales etc.

12. If you go to a local show, it is not essential to buy transporting equipment, however if you start competing further away, you will need a trailer with enough room for all horses you are transporting (a 2 horse trailer can only have 2 horses in it).

13. You need to keep of track of your finances, preferably on your page so that errors can be spotted more easily.

14. Anyone can be a vet, farrier or shop owner, as long as you make a page for it - these all earn you money.

15. Other ways to earn money are: provide livery to someone who has not got enough stabling to house all their horses; rent facilities, for example a horse walker; offer public breeding from your stallions/mares; or sell a horse/equipment.

16. You cannot create horses, only buy them from other players, Splashing Streams Auction or EqueSim Classifieds.

17. A horse must be registered in the Horse Registry or it does not exist.

18. Any decision of the Game Administrators is final. These are Rachel (Dawn Rivers) and Keeley (ZoŽ Reagan).

19. It is very useful if you sign up to the Message Board so you can participate in discussion - EqueSim is YOUR game!

20. If at any time you have any problems, please leave a message on the Message Board or e-mail an Administrator or another player - we're all friendly and will do our best to help you.

Disclaimer: None of the content on this page, or any pages linked to this page, is real. Everything is part of a SIM horse game called EqueSim. No copyright infringement is intended. If you see something of yours on this and would like it taken down or credited, please e-mail me.